Come and try one of our interesting movement classes. Healthy workout and with smile in a friendly environment of our Gym


Overview of Classes

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Trainings are led in smaller groups. Trainer will dedicate you more time and you will get better results


In our offer you can find classes of Parkour, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Gymnastics, Movement and General Exercise Training for the healthy development of  your body and soul in a friendly atmosphere. Classes are for both young kids and teenagers, beginners and intermediates.


Improve your physical and mental condition, get rid of stress and get to know your own body and mind in Movement classes or in martial arts classes or build up strength in general group trainings. Even for very beginners. Not only train, but find a new friendships in our Movement Gym.

Movement Gym

Adresa: Mikuláša Schneidera Trnavského 4, 84101, Bratislava

Telefón: +421 944 618 956


Movement Gym / Športovkovo